Mindfulness, living in the moment, intentionally focusing on your present life— 

We honor this practice not because we have mastered it but because we strive to. Art Guy designs functional, gentle reminders to live in the present.

We have Arthur Guy to thank for that inspiration. He came early, weighing 4 pounds and 2 ounces. He was released from the NICU fifteen minutes later with a clean bill of health. Then came the fight of our lives. My health was deteriorating and our tiny new baby would have to go home without his mom.  My husband and mother stayed at my side in the ICU as I fought for my life, driven to get home to our baby boy. The thought of not being here to watch Arthur grow was unbearable. Two weeks later, I had slowly recovered enough for my doctor to discharge me as I cried and pleaded that only my little family could heal me. And heal me they did. 

We will never forget how precious life is, how amazing friends and family can be, and how important it is to live fully, to be as present as possible in each moment. We often feel that the experience, as awful as it was at the time, was a blessing. We were able to exhibit our strength as a family, we were reminded that every moment in this life is a gift. 

Art Guy is created with love and helps to remind us that it is so great to be HERE.

Arthur Guy, January 2015

Arthur Guy, January 2015