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As most of you know, I do (and preach) my very best to live each day with intent - since I both work in the social media realm and maintain this blog and its social presence, it's important for me to be cognizant of the fact that mindfulness should take precedence in this digitally-driven world. And given that I'm kind of pre-disposed to forgetting to live in the moment, considering the environment I've willingly surrounded myself with (you know, taking pictures of my food before I eat it - that kind of stuff), it's nice to have reminders to practice mindfulness and be in the present.

Recently, I connected with Valerie, the owner of Art Guy Workshop, based in Sarasota. We bonded over our mutual passion for mindful living, and she introduced me to her beautiful-crafted lines of towels, ponchos and bags, made from fine textiles imported from Turkey.

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